Re: NTLK WOW from small dog......

From: James R Grinter (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 17:24:07 EST

Robert Benschop <> writes:
> Will they release this shortly or what.
> Very curious to see if this works without a sweat.

Well, I've registered the product (got to support these things) and
used it successfully between eMate and a Palm V (not yet got around to
loading it onto my MP2k)

I can't get it to receive any data from my Nokia 6110, though they
both seem to detect each other. I presume this is because the phone
isn't talking IrObEx.

> Will that mean that I can communicate with my Nokia 6150 through infrared

I was trying to beam a number out of the phone - either by a 'Send by
IR' (probably Nokia specific) or a 'Print by IR' (I figured more
likely to work, but I didn't pick up anything)

Anyway, <URL:> for anyone
that hasn't yet found it.

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