NTLK DE-660 reviewlette-Oh Happy Day!

From: Jim Anderson (jiman@microsoft.com)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 14:57:04 CDT

        I just got my DE-660 net card in the mail yesterday. I had installed
the ATLAN4 enternet driver in anticipation, and set up a net connect slip
with the proper settings to hook up to my home network. I opened the box,
popped in the card, and bing! The ATLAN driver recognized the card
instantly, so I plugged my MP into the wall (this card has a pretty hefty
power drain. I'll not be doing a whole bunch of web browsing on
batteries...), plugged the card into my hub, and started downloading
slashdot. This is a good thing. I can now avoid the frustration of
converting web pages I want to take with me into newton books with Newton
Press, and just grab them in NewtsCape.
        The card itself was $40 from Egghead, new, with all the warranties
and stuff. Considering that I spent a few weeks trying to pick up a (used!)
net card from eBay for less than $35, this was a really good deal. If anyone
is looking for a good ethernet solution for an MP2x00 or eMate, this is a
nice way to go.
        Now it's time to go register NewtsCape... Thanks to Steve Weyer for
NewtsCape, and Hiroshi Noguchi for the ATLAN driver.

Jim Anderson
ABC 3068
'81 R65 'St. Max'
Long-EZ under construction...

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