NTLK Question for UK and/or chemist Newton users

From: Paul G. Grothaus (pgrothaus@hibiotech.com)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 21:52:05 CDT

Dear Newtontalkers,

I know that this is a real long shot; Do any of you know Dr. Karl N. Harrision of Oxford University in the UK?

Last year (February 1999) while aimlessly surfing the net I happened upon his research website. He had a section discussing electronic notebooks and other computer innovations for the chemistry lab. He stated that he was developing a chemical structure editor for the Newton! Now, I am an organic/medicinal chemist and a long time Newton user and have been craving just such a program.

I immediately wrote to him (karl.harrison@chemistry.oxford.ac.uk) to ask whether the program or a prototype was in fact produced. I never received a response. I tried again about a month later with the same result. Shortly thereafter, the newton page disappeared and was replaced with statements that he was developing the program for the palm. As of today, there is still no further information regarding the program for either platform.

If anyone on the list knows Dr. Harrision (former student, colleague, etc.), could you inquire as to whether the Newton program or a prototype ever existed. If so, maybe we could get ahold of the source code??

Yeah, I know that the chance of this ever happening are on a par with it snowing here in Honolulu, but it can't hurt to ask.

Paul Grothaus, Ph.D.
Hawaii Biotechnology Group
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