From: Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT (Frank.Gruendel@de.heidelberg.com)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 03:50:21 CDT

>I have a 120 and a 110, both of which I stopped using about 2 years ago.
>When I went to revive them, and replaced the AA batteries nothing happened
>(also tried the restart button. I assume that the other battery (CR 2032
>in now a goner too. I have purchased two replacement CR batteries and am
>ready to put them in. I assume that all that was on the Newtons are gone.
>have backups on my Mac.

The Newton should start with a dead backup battery. In fact it starts with
backup battery at all. However, occasionally Newtons are kind of unwilling
to start
with batteries, usually I'm able to save this problem by hooking them to an
adapter and do a hard reset (which I can never remember how to do, I think
it is
a)hold down power switch b) press and release reset button c) wait for
and release power switch).
You needn't reinstall the os as it is in ROM> Any os updates you might have
will probably be gone.

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