Re: NTLK Replacing eMate batteries

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 05:22:53 CDT

on 26-04-2000 10:00, Ed Kummel at wrote:

> The only caveat when creating your own rechargeable
> battery packs.
> If you mix batteries with different discharge rates
> (meaning that one battery in the pack dies sooner than
> the others) than that battery acts as a load to the
> rest of the pack leading to premature discharge rates
> for the entire pack. I ran into this several times
> when building a replacement battery packs. Just an
> FYI.

Which is why I wrote to get 4 NiMH batteries, wanted to add more here, but
Frank already answered it for me:
"Considering that a new pack for the eMate will set you back about
$10 or less, it doesn't make sense to use anything but the best,
i. e. the same brand, bought at the same time and at the same place,
of the highest capacity NiMH you can find."

Robert Benschop

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