NTLK MP2000 Upgrade Program To End

From: David Watson (drnewton@kc.net)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 08:10:27 CDT


My name is David Watson.

I have been offering the MP2000 Upgrade since June of 1998.
( Apple ended their Upgrade Program in April of 1998. )

I will be discontinuing this service as of June 3, 2000.

I have hundreds of satisfied customers and provide swift service.
I often ship the same day I receive a unit.

The Upgrade converts the MP2000 into the equivalent of the MP2100.

I recently updated my MP2000 Upgrade web page.

See : http://www.kc.net/~drnewton

The upgrade ( single ) is now $120.00 plus return shipping
 ( quantity discounts are mentioned on my web page ).

If you are genuinely interested in obtaining the upgrade by the June 3
send me an e-mail with "Send Me The Upgrade Details" as the subject.

I offer certain repairs ( mostly for earlier Newton models ).
See my web page for a list.

Best Regards,
David Watson

a.k.a. "Dr. Newton"
Kansas City, Missouri
Provider of the MP2000 Upgrade

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