NTLK UMP2100 for sale!

From: Jeff Mitchell (skeezix@skeleton.org)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 14:52:06 CDT

        I know I know. I love my newt. But I've got some specific needs
that need to be addressed, so I thought I'd see what folks would offer.
Here's something I whipped up for a local newsgroup, but I think it
applies just as well to the Newtsmart people too:

       I've got a very good condition MP2100 -- actually, an MP2000
upgraded by Apple into a MP2100 (which means more internal memory, etc
etc). For those who don't konw, the MP2100 is a PDA, but more than that, a
mini computer in your pocket! Its got a grayscale display, runs 3 to 10
times faster than most PDA's, and can play back stereo sound! (though it
normally works in mono and can record mono sound) Included with the
MessagePad is an upgraded solid steel Stylus (originally $100CAN alone!),
a 4MB memory pcmcia card, a 14.4 PCMCIA modem with all cables, a sholder
holster, a MINT condition external keyboard, a leather "portfolio" sort of
business case, and a pile of software. Software includes a Telnet
application (and its good enough I've done remote software development
with it!), a BASIC interpreter, a wicked database program, some really
great commercial utilities, some commercial and shareware games, you name
it. Some screen protectors are also included, along with a number of
manuals -- the commercial software and newton manuals. A communication
cable and dongle is included to communicate with your PC or MAC. A battery
cage is included so you can use normal batteries, though the battery packl
is still very good (brand new a year ago, and casual usage). So its a
complete newton kit!

        From eBay, I know the value to be $500-$650 USD value. I know that
eBay gets out of control sometimes, too. Make me an offer in that range
and its yours, though I'll entertain for a few days.

        Money order, cashable in Canada, before I ship. I've been selling
stuff on the net for years and many time son ebay, so I'm quite reputable.
And I'll include postcards if wanted, from Toronto Canada :)

        This is a *very* good condition MP2000 upgraded to MP2100!


"It's murder out there. You can't even travel around in your own micro
circuits without permission from 'Master Control Program'. I mean,
sending *ME* down here to play games.... Who does he calculate he is?"
-- Peter Jurasik as Crom, _Tron_

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