Re: Contrast issue (was Re: NTLK MP2000 Upgrade Program To End)

From: Peter Cross (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 18:20:35 CDT

Well, no go the problem has returned. Off to apple with it.


>OK, I did it. whew.
> it was scary taking the little guy apart. I own a camera repair
>shop so I have seen small electronics before. I do not think it is the
>kind of repair for everyone.
> I removed and cleaned the display cable. I appeared to be oxidized
>and so I cleaned the whole contact edge and reset it. There was some
>dust inside, so that was removed as well. My first check was 100%. I will
>keep checking it and if the problem resurfaces after it has been off for
>a while I will let you know. For now it appears the little Newt is alive
>and well. and I am recovering nicely from the surgery.
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