Re: NTLK .PKGs on my mac..

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 00:57:18 CDT

On 4/26/2000 9:27 AM, James Simons [] wrote:

>when i go to install a .pkg, it isn't in the finder.. and, i can't install
>any packages thru NCU.. even if i drag the icon to NCU..
>when i bring up a "kinds" view, it tells me that all the .PKGs are
>"appletalk" files. is this a problem with the chooser or appletalk??
>what is wrong??

The problem is that your Internet and/or File Exchange control panel is
(and has been in MacOS for a long time) set to map downloaded files with
the ".pkg" extension so that the Mac sees them as AppleLINK (not
AppleTALK) package files.

AppleLink packages were compressed file archives, sort of like Zip or
Stuffit files, created by Apple's original graphical online service,
AppleLink, that was discontinued a few years ago (note, this was a
different online service than eWorld.)

>is there a way that i can change the file associations?

Yes - use the control panel. It's either under "Internet" or "File
Exchange", perhaps Macintosh Easy Open on older MacOS's, or Internet
Config on older OS's. That'll cover new downloads, or new copies from
PC-formatted media.

For stuff you've already downloaded, use any of the zillion file type and
creator editors to change the type to "pkg " (note the space at the end
and creator "1NCU".

Or paste this AppleScript code into the AppleScript "Script Editor"
(should be on most Mac's for the last several years, search your hard
disk for it with Sherlock or look on your MacOS install disks in the
Apple Extras or CD Extras folders)

on open (flist)
        tell application "Finder"
                repeat with theFile in flist
                        if kind of theFile is not "folder" then
                                        set oldDelims to AppleScript's text item delimiters
                                        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "."
                                        set theType to last text item of ((file theFile) as string)
                                        if (theType = "pkg") then
                                                set file type of file theFile to "pkg "
                                                set creator type of file theFile to "1NCU"
                                        end if
                                        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldDelims
                                on error
                                        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldDelims
                                end try
                        end if
                end repeat
        end tell
end open

When you save it, change the "Kind" popup in the save dialog to
"Application" and you'll have a litte drag-and-drop app that will take
any file you drop on it with the extension ".pkg" and change the type and
creator codes so that it'll be treated as a package by NCU.

There's probably info in the Newton FAQ on this too (see URL for it in my
Info-Newt signature below)

 - Bill

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