NTLK CruiseCards and Cell Phones

From: Victor Rehorst (vrehorst@newted.dyndns.org)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 12:36:55 CDT

First, a simple question: I always see people mentioning that they are
using the Megahertz CruiseCard in their Newts. When I bought my UMP2k
last year the seller said that it came with a CruiseCard 28.8. What I
recieved was a Megahertz XJ3288. I can't find the phrase "CruiseCard"
anywhere on the card. Is the CruiseCard and the XJ3288 the same card?

Addenum: is the XJ3288 upgradeable to 33.6? I've also heard of people
upgrading these cards to 33.6 but I've combed through 3Com's site and
can't find anything.

Second: I have a Nokia 5160i dual mode TDMA/AMPS cell phone, on
Rogers/AT&T here in Canada. Has anyone used this phone with any modem or
data card on the Newton?

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