NTLK Ethernet cards

From: J. van de Griek (joost_van_de_griek@rad.nl)
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 04:27:25 CDT

Hi, list!

I have a question. I am looking to buy an Ethernet card for my eMates and
MP2000, and am currently looking at two options:

Either the Farallon card (ka-ching!) or one of the 3Com 3c589 variants.
BUT... I want the card I buy to work with all my computers, Mac, Newton and
Win9x, for cable access reasons (my @$$#013 ISP ties access to the Ethernet
card's MAC address). I know, I know... I could use Airport and/or a small
server to get cable access from all my 'puters, but I don't want the hassle
and I don't want to spend that much, because all my computers are already

Now, compared to the Farallon card(s), the 3Com's are a real deal. But so
far, I have been unable to find a Mac driver for these cards. Yet I have
seen them named on some universities' sites as "recommended for
PowerBooks..." So, does any of you list subscribers know whether there
exists a Mac driver for the 3Com 3c589(B/C/D)?

And if not, there might be a last resort; Farallon state on their website
that the Farallon PN595/PN895 card (the Newton card) will work under Windows
using the driver for the 3Com cards I mentioned. So I am hoping that maybe
the 3Com cards will work on a Mac with the Farallon driver. Does anyone on
this have the ability to test this, and tell me (or even better, all of us)
the result?

Oh, and if anyone know of any other brand/type card that'll work with Mac
OS, NewtonOS and Windows, I'm listening...

Thank you all for your time and bandwith,


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