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From: Steve Weyer (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 06:08:29 CDT

>Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 11:44:27 -0400
>From: "Laurent Daudelin" <>
>Stainless Steel Rat wrote:
>> * peter brigg <> on Thu, 27 Apr 2000
>> | I have not been a user of Newtonbooks on my 2100 but i should like to
>> | begin. Is there a software/shareware/freeware that makes the book fill
>> | the screen, as mine seems to be occupying only the centre? Or is that a
>> | factor of the particular book I am trying?
>> A "feature" of Newton Books is that they are formatted for a particular
>> screen size, never mind that Apple's Newton programming guidelines say that
>> you are not supposed to do that. Anyway, no, there is no way to resize a
>> Newton Book without recreating it.
>When you look in the book's preferences, there is one that apparently
>supposed to
>let you pick the resolution you want. However, as many of you know, there's
>always a single resolution there, the one that the book was created with. My
>question is: is it possible in any way (using NewtonPress or Bookmaker) to
>have a
>book supports multiple resolution, and if so, how???

in theory yes. the multiple renderings could share the same book "content"
(sequence of text, graphics and other(form) objects, which isn't
page-location/size specific) so the book itself wouldn't become N-times

I had asked this question of the Newton book developers (Pensee) a few
years ago, and they thought they had an example of multiple resolutions
that they were going to send me -- but I think they must have lost it. I
experimented via trial-and-error in Newt's Cape to create some test books
with multiple renderings but couldn't get the reader to work properly with

NewtDevEnv, Newt's Cape, Sloup, Crypto,...

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