[Update] Re: Contrast prob is OK (was Re: NTLK MP2000 Upgrade Program To End)

From: Peter Cross (news@ockhams.com)
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 12:24:03 CDT

this did the trick. Thanks to all. Matt I owe you a Beer (or ??).

On 4/27/00 9:10 PM Matt Garrison,iluvmacs@mac.com said... :
>This is perfectly normal! It's actually a bug in the 717260 patch.
>See this note, from the Read Me file:
>Adjusting the contrast
>* You can now recenter the contrast slider by setting a different
>middle point. This allows you to refine the standard contrast range.
>For example, the factory preset contrast slider range goes from light
>gray to dark gray. You might want the contrast range to go from light
>gray to medium gray; to do this, you'd set the middle point slightly
>towards the lighter end of the slider.
>To recenter the contrast slider, follow these steps:
>1. Tap Extras to open the Extras Drawer.
>2. Tap the contrast slider to move the diamond to the desired middle point.
>3. Double tap the word "Contrast" below the slider.
>4. When the message appears asking if you want to center the slider, tap Yes.
>The diamond on the slider returns to the middle. The middle point of
>the contrast slider is now at the desired contrast setting.
>Note: After recentering, you may notice a lightening of the screen
>after lifting the stylus off the contrast slider. Tap the screen
>again or wait 30 seconds and the screen will adjust back to the
>desired setting.
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