Re: NTLK Tarpon/Starfish Newton Gear Value?

From: Josh Burker (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 15:02:12 CDT writes:
>I have been given an opportunity to pick up some tarpon/starfish wireless
>gear with a MP 120. I know the source to be reliable but don't know what
>value this, apparently working gear has. I believe that drivers and other
>accessories will be thrown in.
>I read about this equipment long ago but don't know how, if at all, it
>could fit into my current Apple airbase/powerbook wireless network.
>Anyone have tips or cautions or even good stories about how this gear has
>been used before?
>"Defy Gravity!"

Oooh, you're making me jealous.

I don't think it will integrate seemlessly into the whole Airport thing
you have going; from reading about it, it seemed like it was wireless
AppleTalk protocol, which is different from the protocol used by Airport

Still, very much worth it, I believe.

Here's a story about the Tarpon and the Starfish (and the Grouper as
well): Newton Goes Sailing.

Steve had recently received a donation of a Digital Ocean "Tarpon" (an
Apple Newton embedded in a larger shell that incorporates a 2 Mbps
spread-spectrum wireless AppleTalk link), a "Starfish" network hub
(allowing the reception of wireless communications from the Tarpon), and a
"Grouper" (enabling the network transition to AppleTalk on the Macintosh).
His original plans were to use onboard Macintosh computers to run the
control network, but having received the wireless Newton, he was eager to
explore the possibility of using Newton devices as both on-board
"consoles" and remotely via wireless links to control the ship

The whole story can be found at:


Josh Burker

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