Re: NTLK Repair instructions for the MP 2100 On Line or ?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 19:58:12 CDT

On 4/28/2000 2:54 PM, Martin Weiss [] wrote:

> I found out how to get a replacement for the broken hinge for
>the flip cover of my MP2100 thanks to Helen (Apple Fulfillment 888
>273 3594).
> Now are there any instructions on line or other wise as to
>how to open the Newton so I can put the hinge in place? Or am I
>asking for trouble?

There's no need to open the Newton to replace the flip cover - it's
designed to be removable easily. (Not as easy as the 110-130 was - you
just pulled it off and pushed it back in, but close!)

If you hold the 2x00 in "Portrait" mode with the Apple logo at the
bottom, and open the flip cover, on the THIN part of the two sections of
the flip cover, near the bottom, is a little slider-switch.

Push the slider-switch up towards the TOP of the Newton and it retracts
the hinge post that holds the bottom part of the flip cover in place.
You'll feel it come loose.

Pull the flip cover down and to the left and the post at the top should
come out too.

Reverse the process to put the new flip cover in.

The hinge posts go in the MIDDLE of the three holes that are drilled in
the top and bottom parts of the hinge area.

Your Newton manual may have pictures of this (I don't have mine handy
right now).

While you've got the flip cover off, puzzle over the little cutout at the
top of the hinge area on the Newton, near the power switch, and ponder
why there are THREE hinge post holes.

Some think it was for an keyboard that would attach where the flip cover
is now. Wouldn't THAT have been cool? (Not as cool as the folding Palm
keyboard that was just released, though - electronic origami!)

 - Bill

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