NTLK Yahoo! Mail? Is it true?

From: angel316@earthlink.net
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 00:43:06 CDT

Hello Newtoneers!!!
        I was just reading the Digest and read that someone used Newt's Cape to read their Yahoo! Mail. Is it true? How well does it work? I use Net Hopper and am happy with it for the most part but if I can read Yahoo! Mail, that would be awesome!
        On the subject of Net Hopper I understand you have to have a certain plugin to be able to download packages from the Web. Where can I find this? I have an MP2k with Net Hopper 3.2, NIE 1.x and a 33.6 Viking Modem.
        Off the subject, I use an MP130 for everyday use. In an attempt to clear up memory I performed a hard reset. When I restored everything I retrieved some heap memory but lost something in the process-When I reinstalled Avi's Backdrop 1.2, I noticed the little backlight icon no longer shows. I wrote Avi Drissman and he said I deleted a System Update and to go to his site and download Avi's backdrop 1.27. It's improved alright. My 130 now doesn't take 5 minutes to get past the Password screen but still no backlight icon! I get around it using i++ but I would still like my little handy icon back on the backdrop. Thanks for reading.

Ermin Mistica

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