Re: NTLK Show your support for the newton

From: Mike King (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 18:23:10 CDT

Get a life guys. The Newton is dead. There ARE better machines on the horizon.

I love the Newton too, and we still own a stock of them in daily use, but I
am not going down with the ship.

Voting for the Newton achieves nothing - the pace of technology has already
left it behind. Yes, it was way superior, and some aspects of it still are,
but Jobs killed it. You'd be better off sending him hate mail.

I am certain to get flamed for this , but I'm still smiling :+)


At 06:56 PM 4/30/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey everybody i was just takig a look at the PDA Buzz
>website, and the poll of the best PDA's had the Newton
>2100 listed at #10. THis just isnt right, and
>truthefully being listed behind the Palms is just sad,
>so anywho, how abouts everybody goes to
>, click on reviews and at the bottom
>vote for your newton. Lets get the Newton at #1 where
>it belongs, alrighty?? i'm not sayin you just give it
>a perfect score because we know how amzing this thing
>is, well actally i recomend you do exactly that hehe
>=), what do ya'll say?? alrighty i'll be watching the
>polls, later guys
>Baru Lopez
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