Re: NTLK Error (-1) Export

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 12:59:33 CDT

Sebastiano Bagarotto wrote:

> I have a problem when I tried to export (Names,To do, Dates,ecc..) with NCU
> 1.0.
> I have an MP2100 with a Imac (sys 9.0).
> My computer tells me there is an error -1 and it is impossible to finish the
> export task.
> I dedicated 32 Mb to NCU and I tried to delete NCU preferences, Finder
> Preferences,ecc. but nothing It is going better.
> Somebody could help me?

If you have any flash ram card in your 2100, then I would suggest that you eject
the card before attempting to backup. See if it works. Also, did you install any
kind of "enhances", like BigNotes, MoreInfo and the likes? I've had problems
backing up and traced down the problem to BigNote, which was supposed to let me
write greater than 8KB (was that 8 KB?). However, these notes caused the backup
to fail. As soon as I deleted these notes, the backup completed successfully.
So, check out for any 3rd party extension that is supposed to improved

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