NTLK mayday!

From: peter brigg (pbrigg@uoguelph.ca)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 23:47:03 CDT

Suddenly Newton Connection Utilities 1.0 is refusing to complete a
synchronise with the main Claris Organiser file on my 2100. i get a
link, it thinks, it starts the fast run of dates, etc showing the
exchange and then it quits with this message:

"The operation was not completed because the following error has
occurred: Error reading data file. Check file integrity."

So I

1. tried exporting the Claris Organiser file and reimporting it under a
new name as another Claris Organiser file. No.

2. tried deleting the calendar file on the Newton. No.

3. tried creating a new calendar file and directly typed some entries
into it. Yes. it comfortaby took a week's worth of data and synchronised
with the 2100.

4. So i copied my entire calendar file (a chore, I must say) to the new
file, by typing them into the new file.

5. The new file gives the original error message when i try to

It is enough to make me look with some envy at my wife's Palm. Not much
envy, though.


What is going on ?
How do i fix it?
Where can I get a fresh copy of the NCU. ?

It had to happen on mayday!

Thanks for suggestions.


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