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From: Mike King (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 22:27:37 CDT


Don't get me wrong, but I just think that you (and I) are very close to
crossing the total nerd line if we continue to evangelize for the Newton.

If the format were a good one, someone would have bought the technology a
long time ago. The reality is that most people want the smaller form
factor, even though the Newton is more suitable as a PC replacement that
the Palm or CE will ever be.

Interesting developments for me is that the Pocket PC (AKA WinCE 3.0) has
dropped most of the WIndows style UI, even the horrible 'START' button is
gone. I think WinCE is losing ground fast.

Samsung are developing a YOPY, based on Linux, which sounds like a great
idea. My mates at HP are also developing a Linux based PDA - small form
factor again.

Perhaps the fact that Palm have moved to the StrongArm processor means that
PalmOS might run on Newton hardware - now that would be very cool !

Well, that's my bit (I knew I would not be able to leave this topic alone.



At 07:19 PM 5/1/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>>Get a life guys. The Newton is dead. There ARE better machines on the
>While it is true that we should probably be doing more productive things (if
>my wife knew I was spending time on such a topic, I would be in DEEP
>TROUBLE!!!), if somebody is in the market right NOW, I still recommend that
>they get a Newton. That is just how I feel about it and is why I justified
>spending the time writing the review. Even if it means buying a used unit, a
>person might as well not buy a unit at all, unless they just have money to
>The Newton may be dead, but right NOW, it is the best option. Why not warn
>people? Don't you still feel this way? I mean, you walk into Best Buy and
>there is a guy hovering over the Palm display. Don't you want to walk up and
>tell him to go to eBay and get a Newton? Ok, maybe not a stranger, but what
>if it was your best friend? Friends don't let friends us palm PDAs. :)
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