NTLK Re: DictMgr

From: Paul Guyot (pguyot@pnm-consulting.com)
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 07:10:50 CDT

Robert Benschop asked:

>I was wondering if I can use DictMgr to disable the English build in
>dictionary and just activate the French one in a eMate.

Well, this is basically why I designed it. I do this operation
everyday, I even made a DashBoard script for it.

>This will be for a novice user that doesn't have a lot of experience with a
>Newton yet, so if it works but not very stable I'd rather forget about it.
>(the fact that it's still beta makes me a bit uneasy)

Well, I should admit that this use is the only one which ensures not
to generate an error.

Anyway, it's not like native betas, DictMgr won't damage anything.

Michael Manthey confessed he is a DictMgr user:
>I used DictMgr in combination with Nick's Dix to override the
>built-in dictionary on my MP 2000 and install a German dictionary,
>instead. As far as I remember, Nick's Dix lets you browse your notes
>to install a 1000-word-dictionary based upon your own written
>material. In fact, the cursive recognizer worked surprisingly well
>in German, afterwards. There are still some snags, though, and the
>print-mode recognizer is faster and more reliable. Furthermore, the
>eMate does only have the print-mode-recognizer, so there isn't
>really much use for anything that overrides the built-in dictionary.
>Rather, I'd recommend to install Graffiti as an additional
>recognizer, which works fine in NewtWorks, although that is a bit
>superfluous, considering you have the keyboard.

Well, I suggest alt.rec...., even if it is a beta. Latest version is
pretty stable if it works on your MP, i.e. if it does not freeze
after the third word.
(yes, it is a known bug, and yes, I will try to fix it this month.)



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