Re: NTLK DSL via Ethernet on Newton???

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 10:32:28 CDT

Drew Loker wrote:

> I just set up a subscription for DSL to my house and am pretty excited. The
> modem comes wtih an ethernet connection, of which I am awaiting an Ethernet
> card for the Newton to be delivered.
> Will it be possible to use the DSl modem to have my Newton access the
> internet?
> Thanks!
> Drew

Well, as long as you can connect your Newton to it, there shouldn't be a
problem. If you have more than one computer accessing the network, you will
obviously want to add an Ethernet hub, that would be connected directly to your
modem and would offer a certain number of connections for computer. That's what
I have at home with the cable modem. I've bought a 5 regular 10BaseT ports + 1
uplink port Ethernet hub from ONSALE for $25. The cable modem I have (a Toshiba
one) must connect to the uplink port. I have 2 Macintosh and 1 PC (temporarely)
connected to the hub, plus my MP2100, and they all share that cable modem and
its link to the Internet.

The thing you need to know is whether your DSL ISP is providing dynamic IP
addresses through a DHCP server, or manual addresses. I would think that most
ISPs these days provide dynamic addresses, so it should be just a snap to
create a new internet setup and specify a DHCP connection, through your
Ethernet card. Worked the first time for me. The other gotcha is whether you're
officially provided with one address, or several. My cable company is
officially offering 1 dynamic address with the basic service. Additional
addresses are $9.95 a month (ouch!). However, I've been able to access the
internet from multiple machines simultaneously without any problem. I was able
for instance to browse the net from my 2 Macintosh at the same time, while
downloading news to my Newton, all simultaneously. So, it seems that the number
of IP addresses are not enforced that much at my cable company.

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