NTLK Fwd: A interesting Newton offer from Dave MacNeill

From: Gary Moody (gmoody@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 15:58:06 CDT

Hi Guys,

Recently, I've been corresponding with Dave MacNeill, the author of the
Newton Notes column in Pen Computing magazine
(http://pencomputing.com/Newton/index.html). Dave has been involved with
the Newton since the very beginning, and Newton Notes was a blow-by-blow
description of the awesome capability of the Newton through all of the
models made by Apple.

His current Newton (and, unfortunately, his last) is an upgraded MP2K/2100,
which was the subject of a number of his later columns. Dave is going to
sell this historical Newton and is also offering for sale "a full-size
original blueprint of the MessagePad 2000 from Sharp", an item I and most
others have never laid eyes on before, a real piece of Newton history.

He has asked me to forward this on to the NewtonTalkers for their
consideration. Dave can be reached at dave@digicamera.com or at
dave@pencomputing.com. If you have an interest, please contact Dave
directly for specifics. (Original email attached below)

Standard disclaimers apply (Nice guy, no financial or other affilliation,
just trying to help out, etc.).

Good Luck!



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From: David MacNeill <dave@digicamera.com>
To: <gmoody@hotmail.com>
Subject: A interesting Newton offer from Dave
Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 11:52:52 -0700

Hi Gary:

I am planning to offer my beloved MessagePad 2100 (an upgraded 2000) for
sale and though you could help me find someone who would appreciate this
unit. This was my main machine for the glory years of Newton Notes,
initially as one of the first 2000s and later as one of the first 2100
upgrades. Steve Capps himself went through this machine with me at a meeting
prior to the official lunch announcement. That was a memorable day!

I am also offering another piece of Newton history: a full-size original
blueprint of the MessagePad 2000 from Sharp. This document was one of the
most closely guarded secrets of the late Newton era and was obtained
thorough a series of events that would make a pretty good novel - if I felt
free to discuss them. 8-)

Do you know any serious Newton users who might be interested in these
properties? I am asking for a firm $500 for my 2100 (with case and keyboard)
and will accept bids of the blueprint beginning at $500.

- Dave

David MacNeill
Editor-in-Chief, Digital Camera Magazine
dave@digicamera.com | dcm.photopoint.com

Executive Editor, Pen Computing Magazine
dave@pencomputing.com | www.pencomputing.com

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