Re: NTLK Show your support for the newton

From: Richie Cruz (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 20:27:17 CDT

>What machines are better? I own a MP2100 and have not seen any
>PDA that does the same like my MP. The Palm is to small and has
>now HWR, also you canīt use flash cards or ethernet cards.

Olaf, Have you seen the new Pocket PC. It has new HWR, looks almost
like Rosetta. Same configuration window. Asks how you write your A's
and how not you write A's. Same thing. but it doesn't recognize as fast.
But its getting there.

>What I want is a PDA like the 2100 but with ATA PCMCIA Support
>and a color display (for maps, etc).

The Pocket PC supports CF cards. Which has USB cards, Ethernet,
Modem, GPS , Memory Cards and more. There is also color models.
TFT with 64k color palette.

The OS has gotten better then the previous version. But its still
"Microsoft", so we have to see.

I'm not saying I don't like Newton's. Shoot I LOVE mine. But technology
is getting closer to the newton. So just watch out.

>Thatīs just all - the only features I miss.
>Olaf 'Holger' Bohlen

Richie Cruz, UCSD-ACT, x22700

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