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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 23:54:11 CDT

On 5/2/2000 3:06 PM, Mike King [] wrote:

>Yes, but you are missing the point: the Newton is Dead :+)

Well, gee, thank you for that newsflash, Mike! We all apparently hadn't

If you feel so strongly, how come you're still hanging around this list
(or should I say, "trolling", maybe?) Perhaps you should sell your
Newton, buy a Palm or PocketPC and move on?

>There is no point in supporting the Newton, because despite the fact that
>it was ahead of its time, it is dead.

Oh really? So why are people still supporting it and releasing new
updates AND BRAND NEW PRODUCTS for it, my friend?

Because the Newton is STILL the best PDA. And I've tried the others (I
even own some of them) so I speak from real-life experience (you don't
say whether you do or not....)

How come there is a brisk market in the used Newtons, more often than not
from people who have never owned one before? How come everyone who sees
one wants to buy one?

Because it's the best, and 2 years after being "Steved" it's STILL the
best and shows no sign yet of losing that distinction.

Get the picture yet? Yes, the Newton is DISCONTINUED. It is NOT,
repeat, NOT "DEAD". Someday, yes. But not today, and not for some time
yet. Look at how long the Amiga has been around despite all efforts to
kill it!

 - Bill

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