RE: NTLK Basilisk II for Windows success with Newton

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 00:15:33 CDT

On 5/1/2000 4:43 PM, Jon Shurtleff
[] wrote:

>It's not so important to me how long it takes since it's unattented and I
>can just let it sit and do it's thing. What is important is that it's
>reliable and it never has been on a PC or my Powerbook, but my Powerbook
>only has 32Mb of RAM so I would have to use VM to crank NCU's allocation to
>60Mb. I wonder how well that would work. My Windows Laptop 'only' has 64Mb
>and by the time You figure just Windows and B II running with 48Mb of RAM
>it's probably into the VM also. Maybe that's why it's slower. Don't know
>but if it's reliable I'm happy. I'll try upping the RAM and the NCU
>allocation though and see what happens.
>I actually have a 64Mb card for the PC laptop which is currently sitting in
>a customers machine at work as a troubleshooting step. That would bring it
>up to 128Mb and when I get that back I'll have to see what happens.

I'm pretty sure that memory/VM is the reason for the slowdown and your
problems on your PowerBook too. A Windows '98 machine is rather
handicapped with only 64MB of RAM (I know, I have one at work.....I may
have finally talked 'em into 128MB...)

NCU works best and fastest with PLENTY of RAM.

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>On 4/23/2000 2:35 AM, Jon Shurtleff
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>>But that whole issue is a huge can
>>of worms. In any case, Basilisk is configured to think it has 48Mb of RAM.
>>It also seems to crash if you try to use virtual memory. I set NCU to use
>>25Mb. This allowed me to backup my Newt with no problem although it took
>>least an hour. I don't know if that's typical for an Ethertalk backup.
>>total size of the internal and card backups is about 33 Megabytes.
>An HOUR? That's about 4-6 times too long. I back up a 2100's internal
>memory, a 20MB card and a 6MB card in about 10-15 minutes over Ethernet
>using a Farallon card. That's a full backup (I never do incrementals).
>I am using a G3/250 PowerBook,though. Perhaps the emulator is slowing
>you down a lot, or you need to give it more RAM. I'd say it's more
>likely the latter.
>I have NCU set to 60MB. (You should give it at least the amount of RAM
>it defaults to, PLUS the amount of RAM and RAM Cards your Newton has, or
>preferrably more.)
>The time you state was the time I was getting over LocalTalk (I don't
>even want to THINK about serial!)
> - Bill

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