NTLK Re: Driver for Megahertz XJAEM3336

From: Stainless Steel Rat (ratinox@peorth.gweep.net)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 18:32:41 CDT

* Joe Sonne <joe@gbgraphics.com> on Thu, 04 May 2000
| I'm searching for drivers to use an Ethernet/Modem card (US Robotics
| Megahertz XJAEM3336) on a Newton 130.

Forget it. There is no Ethernet support on the MP130 and previous models;
it is a hardware limitation. Also, dual-purpose cards are a bitch and a
half to program for, so finding a driver is a difficult proposition at
best, and even then the card will be a serious power hog.

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