Re: NTLK Modems for 2100 ???

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 20:19:38 CDT

Quite honestly, there aren't any real "gotcha's" with
any of the modems listed for the Newt...The only
caveats are if you're going to be using them for any
special purposes such as cell phones or overseas
travel (if you're not from the US)
So, take your pick! My personal preference is the
Simple modem. It's only downside was that I needed a
PC to perform the upgrade, but since then, it's
performed flawlessly. I also keep a Motorola Montana
card around for my StarTAC cell phone and an Ericsson
card for my AF738 Cell phone. Other than that, I've
used the morotola Cellect card, AT&T KeepInTouch card,
several NEC's, and a Psion gold card. I also have
several varieties of the Megahertz x-jack card that
work (and several that won't) as well as a 3-comm that
kinda works...
It all depends on what you're into and what you can
get your hands on considering the fundage situation!
web/gadget guru

--- Andrew Sorensen <> wrote:
> I have found several lists of modems available for
> the MPs but no
> real info on recommended models and what to stay
> away from. Anyone
> want to give some advice in this area? I'll be
> using it in a 2100.
> I have an original Apple Newton Fax Modem XJack Card
> that came with
> my 120 but don't think its up to any major internet
> duty - only 2400
> bps data and 9600 bps Fax. Haven't even tried using
> it in my 1.3 MP
> 120 as I understand it will barely do email.
> Thanks all. I'd like to get up to speed on my 'new'
> 2100 ASAP as
> I've got a trip coming up to PA where I hope to use
> this for checking
> my email and doing some minor web surfing. And I
> REALLY want to show
> it off to my brothers who I know will be all over me
> for buying into
> a 'dead' platform. I never did mind being a bit
> different but want
> to be the best Newt evangelist I can be.
> Thanks.
> Andy

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