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From: James Simons (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 23:40:53 CDT

From: Mike King <>

>If the format were a good one, someone would have bought the technology a
>long time ago. The reality is that most people want the smaller form
>factor, even though the Newton is more suitable as a PC replacement that
>the Palm or CE will ever be.

that IS if Apple (Herr Jobs) would have let it been sold.. there were

smaller forms are fashionable.. yet, the palm is basically useless for web..
and email..
and so is CE.. in the PsPC format..

>Interesting developments for me is that the Pocket PC (AKA WinCE 3.0) has
>dropped most of the WIndows style UI, even the horrible 'START' button is
>gone. I think WinCE is losing ground fast.

WinCE "3.0" does not exist.. the version that is in the new PocketPCs, is
version 2.12.
this all goes to ms's mismanagement of CE.. they have no direction, and they
have a serious
problem with turn over of engineers and managers.. they (ms) do nothing to
clear the version, OS
and platform revisions to the consumer.. then pull a weak "rename" to
suggest a new OS..

if you read the White Papers from ms, on CE 3.0 (cedar).. they do not intend
to use 3.0 for handhelds..
as it will supposedly be an embeddable-RTOS.. but, that has yet to be

the start button and hierarchal menus still exist.. but, aren't in the
forefront of the new GUI revision..
the main gain of speed is from the screen animations being disabled.. this
"hack" has been around
for quite awhile.. namely, since the 2.0 upgrades for the 1.x devices, to
speed them up to a useable point.

wince is basically dead, with a weak 13% marketshare and no direction.. no

>Samsung are developing a YOPY, based on Linux, which sounds like a great
>idea. My mates at HP are also developing a Linux based PDA - small form
>factor again.

the samsung YOPY is a great idea.. i think it was a CE device that samsung
designed, and went with Linux, for the OS,
in the end..

i am waiting for the Transmeta Crusoe-based "webtablet".. i think these hold
the best alternative to what has been offered
from the Newton.. and they run Linux, also.. they aren't small form.. but,
what is lost in size is gained in function..

>Perhaps the fact that Palm have moved to the StrongArm processor means that
>PalmOS might run on Newton hardware - now that would be very cool !

not the same StrongArm CPU..

Palm OS is so weak compared to the Newton.. the palm reminds me of
Geos-based Zoomers... like wanting to run, but
having cement shoes on..

wince IMHO sucks.. palm is just a organizer.. the Newton is a computer..

that's my rant..


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