NTLK Re: D-Link 660

From: Stainless Steel Rat (ratinox@peorth.gweep.net)
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 10:48:36 CDT

* Ed Kummel <tech_ed@yahoo.com> on Fri, 05 May 2000
| I set up the Proxy IP, (my proxy server is set up my Newton's
| IP ( setup the SubNet mask ( and enter my Domain
| (tek-ed).

In Internet Setup is:

Configuration set to Manual?

Is the correct card selected?

Subnet mask looks okay for a 24/8 subnet.

Proxy IP? By that do you mean `Gateway/Router address' (default route)?

Your `Primary DNS/Name Server Address' really should be something inside
your firewall. It is nicer to everyone else that way.

Your domain is tek-ed.com, though that probably does not much matter as you
are behind a firewall.

Other stuff:

Can you ping external IPs from your firewall?

Can you ping your Newt from your firewall (you need to have NIE loaded and
active for this to work).

Can you ping other machines on your segment from your firewall?

Can other machines on your segment ping the firewall?

Can other machines on your segment ping your Newt?

Can other machines on your segment ping foreign IPs?

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