Re: NTLK Re: D-Link 660

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 14:03:23 CDT

--- Stainless Steel Rat <>
> * Ed Kummel <> on Fri, 05 May 2000
> | I set up the Proxy IP, (my proxy server is
> set up my Newton's
> | IP ( setup the SubNet mask
> ( and enter my Domain
> | (tek-ed).
> In Internet Setup is:
> Configuration set to Manual?


> Is the correct card selected?

> Subnet mask looks okay for a 24/8 subnet.
> Proxy IP? By that do you mean `Gateway/Router
> address' (default route)?

I am running a software package called JanaProx. It
sets up a proxy server and email server on Windows
machines. It is clean and works really well (although
it doesn't like screen savers)
The machine that is running the proxy server
application is on IP
> Your `Primary DNS/Name Server Address' really should
> be something inside
> your firewall. It is nicer to everyone else that
> way.

Firewall? I don't have a firewall. I have three
computers on a small home network. (4 once I get the
Newt on it)
All the other machines on the network use the
IP as a proxy to dial into the internet. The email
software (outlook express) also uses this IP for the
mail server. I don't have a DNS or anything like that
on the network.

> Your domain is, though that probably does
> not much matter as you
> are behind a firewall.

Nope, no firewall

> Other stuff:
> Can you ping external IPs from your firewall?

Are we talking about pinging from other machines on
the network? or Pinging from the newt?
I can ping anything I want once the proxy server dials
into the internet. I can also ping anything on the
network whenever I want. I don't have a PING program
for the Newt, so I don't know that part of the

> Can you ping your Newt from your firewall (you need
> to have NIE loaded and
> active for this to work).

Well, since I don't have a firewall, no...but I never
tried to PING the newt from any of the other machines.

> Can you ping other machines on your segment from
> your firewall?
> Can other machines on your segment ping the
> firewall?
> Can other machines on your segment ping your Newt?
> Can other machines on your segment ping foreign IPs?
> --

btw, I took the Newt to work, set it up to dynamic IP
and can cruze the internet with no problems!
web/gadget guru

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