Re: NTLK Re: Dongle Anxiety (Serial Port Failure)

From: Paul G. Grothaus (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 21:40:06 CDT

Nathanael Gray wrote:
>My serial port failed about 8 months ago on my UMP2k. (Everthing else works
>fine, but I miss being able to use the keyboard.) Is this failure common
>for other users? How easy would it be to fix? Is anyone doing repairs of
>this nature or is it possible to do it myself?
This happened to me about two months after I got my Newton in 1997. I had to send it in for repair. The receipt said that the following was replaced:
       Part no. GELMBAAA
      description MLB

I don't know Apple's part numbers. Was this just the port or did they replace the entire mother board (MLB?)?

Paul G. Grothaus, Ph.D.
Hawaii Biotechnology Group
Aiea, HI

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