Re: NTLK 2100 pen alignment problem

From: Michael Manthey (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 15:28:06 CDT

(I post this mail for the second time, because apparently it didn't get onto the list.)

< Ray Kloss wrote:

"A friend just gave me his 2100 to look over (may need a spare).
Everything seems OK except that the pen is consistently off alignment."

Laurent Daudelin wrote:

"I did experience this with my 2100 and read from a lot of people that also had the problem."
It's exactly the problem I had with my 2100, before I returned it. The pen was off alignment every five minutes or so. It was difficult even to navigate or hit a close-box. The retailer sent it to the Apple-Repair-Center in the U.K. three (!) times. They exchanged the screen and tried everything, but after using it for maybe 20 minutes or so the error was back. There were some strange side-effects, such as the ones described here: f.e. opening Dates or Notes realigned the pen occasionally. Sometimes a hard reset helped for maybe 15 minutes. I guess the problem in all these cases has to do with the ROM, and that's why I never really wanted another 2100 afterwards, though I was tempted. Could it be that only MP 2100 are affected? Would be interesting to know. I noticed afterwards that there were far more second-hand MP 2100 for sale in Germany than MP 2000 or 130, but that may simply reflect their respective market-share. The 2000 hereabouts is a rare beast.

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