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From: Woo Lee (vitcitylb@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 17:03:06 CDT

>Subject: RE: NTLK Newton Memory Cards
>From: Woo Lee (kls8@sjm.infi.net)
>Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2000

Bad news...I contacted MPEC, they forwarded me to EMJ vendor on the east coast, EMJ sent ATA-Flash 32 meg. cards, *AFTER* confirming *THREE* times that the cards have to *LINEAR* and work in a *Ex-Apple NEWTON*.
EMJ tried to delay a replacement ship. When I demanded replacement within 60 days of date of purchase *OR* face 'chargeback' protocol EMJ got back to me with a RMA number, EMJ also agreed to pay for shipping the *WRONG* product back, amazing huh?, they ship wrong stuff AND want the customer to pay to ship it back, lousy customer service!

So I call MPEC to get another RMA number, the 'customer service' person says he'll get back to me to see if he could send me a 'driver' to 'fix' the cards. I told him there are *NO* drivers to 'fix' the cards. To show you how well he knows his products, he calls me the next day to give me a RMA number, no explanation as to why EMJ would send me a US$169.00 ATA-Card instead of US$290.00 Linear-Card.

As of 5/5/00, I am still waiting to get the right cards, I suggest paying the higher/current prices from www.timasci.com or waiting for NewtonOz to get back to you about his next(?) batch of 'linear cards'.

US$10.00 per meg. is great, if you can 'get' them.
BTW, I got '15' cards from Paul, he has only 6 meg. cards but they do work in MP2K's and eMates.

Good Luck!
>There's a Web site from MPEC
>(http://www.mpec.com/PC%20-Card-%20for-Newton.htm) that lists several
>Newton memory cards, but they seem rather expensive--about $10/MB. Is

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