NTLK Synchronizing to Schedule+ 7.0

From: Ermin Mistica (angel316@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 19:55:13 CDT

Hey all,
        I was hoping that someone out there can give me some sound advice. After
using my MP2100 as a standalone computer for quite some time, I finally
made the splurge and withdrawing some money bought a laptop. Not a
Powerbook. I wish!!! But something almost as good. I bought a Compaq
Presario 1200 XL106. 475Mhz AMD K6-2 Processor, 32MB RAM and a 5GB Hard
Drive. I love it. Now my problem is that when I downloaded Newton
Connection Utilties and tried to sync my Names, Dates and To-Do's it worked
fine the first time, albeit not everything was in the right field on the
Schedule+ program. Whatever. I did manage to do a full backup of EVERYTHING
including all the packages. Now when I tried to to a sync the next day, it
said could not complete the process. What's wrong? I don't mind not using
the desktop Schedule+, the thing I wanted to accomplish was to try and
transfer my info to my Philips NINO, which I did on the first day, but now
that it won't fully sync with Schedule what do I do? Thanks guys for any
your help. What would I do without this Digest?

--- Ermin Mistica
--- angel316@earthlink.net
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