Re: NTLK HELP: Storage Error #-10606

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 08:06:21 CDT wrote:

> Basically, I did something stupid. I tried to X-port a whole buncha
> messages from one folder all at once. Essentially, what happened is
> that I flooded my external storage card outbox and it ran out of
> storage space (eight meg card). I was essentially screwed because the
> card was so full that it wouldn't even let me delete any of the
> offending messages, move messages, or anything.
> I went to the backup set I had and restored the inbox from the
> external _and_ the internal in/out boxes, thinking that this would fix
> the problem. With that move, I essentially AM able to use the Newton
> again w/the exception of the inbox or outbox. I get an error:
> "Storage related error occurred. #-10606."
> Everything else works just fine. I then deleted a backup set from the
> external card thinking that creating more room would help. Nope -
> still unable to open the in/out box w/o errors.

-10606, btw, means, according to the programmer reference, "Object not
found". Hmmm, I don't know if somebody else can comment on this, but, to
me, it could me literally everything. Obviously, it's looking for
something that's not there... Not very helpful, hey?

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