Re: NTLK Should I keep certain memory space for Newton?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 15:33:36 CDT

Lucas wrote:

> Recently, I found that the newton always hang up while it was loading the
> package from the flash ram card. What I try to do is to freeze some of the
> package in internel memory, then reset it again with the bottom backside.
> Then I move the package from internal memory to flash ram card and leave
> the internal ram card more space. And it work. I wonder:
> 1. If there should be certain memory space for the internal memory?
> 2. And how much space I have to keep for the internal memory?
> Could anybody give me some idea?

1. You should certainly make sure that you always have some internal memory
free for use. Things get really nasty if you exhaust all memory on any given
store, not just the internal one.

2. That's very hard to tell. I would suggest at least 150K-200K minimum.

To reclaim some wasted space on a store, backup that store (2 full backups),
then erase the store. If the internal store, you need to do what is commonly
called a "hard reset". Restore from the backup. I usually have around 600K
free on my internal store (all data is saved there), and when it gets to 400K,
I do a hard reset and restore, bringing back the free space on the store back
to 600K.

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