NTLK Newton Stuff FS!

From: Matt Garrison (iluvmacs@mac.com)
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 18:58:46 CDT

Lots of Newton software and accessories for sale!

$20 FilePad 1.0.1--powerful database package (Win, disk only)
$20 Super NotePad--enhance your notepad in many ways (Mac, disk only)
$20 AvailWorks--THE word processor for 1x0 Newtons (Win, disk only
(not original disk))
$20 PocketMoney--a wonderful personal management package (Mac, has manual)
$25 Gulliver 2--travel software with lots of features (Mac, has manual)
$20 QuickFigure Pro 3.0.4--amazing spreadsheet program (Win and Mac,
has manual)
$25 X-Port 1.0--export notes and other things, great for Newton
1x0's! (Mac, has box/manual)
$20 X-Port 1.0--export notes and other things, great for Newton
1x0's! (Mac, disk only)

$75 Kingmax 8MB Flash RAM PC card (5v/12v), has plastic case

Buyer to add $3.20 Priority Mail shipping, more if insurance is
wanted. Money order ONLY, pay first, first come/first serve.

Email with any questions: iluvmacs@macline.com

Matt Garrison
AOL IM Screen Name: iluvmacs
Proud owner of 2 Apple Power Macintoshes and 2 Apple Newtons!

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