NTLK Ntlk: SimpleMail/Eudora can't send e-mail

From: Gerard Tripptree (gtripptree@earthlink.net)
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 10:50:58 CDT

Hello all:

Welcome back, everyone!

At the present time, I am unable to send e-mail through SimpleMail 4.0 or
Eudora on my upgraded MP 2000. I CAN receive mail just fine, though.

I am unable to send through my modem connection or through my ethernet

When attempting to send through SimpleMail, the connection slip appears
momentarily, then "blinks" and disappears. The message remains in the OUT
box as "ready to send." When attempting to send through Eudora, the
"opening SMTP server" slip appears and then just stays open on my screen.
It will stay this way for minutes or until I tap the STOP button.
Once again, the message remains in the OUT box as "ready."

I have checked and double-checked my Owner Info, my Internet Setup, my
SimpleMail prefs, my Eudora prefs and find NOTHING wrong. The POP and SMTP
addresses are correct. Simon Bell says that my SimpleMail debug file did
not contain anything about the connection being made. So, where do I go
from here?

At one time, not that long ago, I was able to send mail via modem and
ethernet. I am stumped!

Any ideas?


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