NTLK Newt 1x0 Keyboard QUESTION - can we use new folding palm keyboard?

From: arthur battram (apb@cityplex.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 02:39:25 CDT


David asked about keyboards -has anyone checked out the new folding keyboard
for palms?

any idea whether it could be adapted to work with a newt?

the connector is different, but if a socket as used on palm could be found,
a lead could be made up leading to a din8 plug, to go to newt's
interconnector block dongley thing?

any ideas, hardware newt dudes?

best wishes

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> Has anyone had any success in using a non Newton Keyboard on there Newt,
> since I assume that a normal ps/2 style keyboard with some minor mods and
> change of adapter would also work, but before I cut-up a keyboard I was
> wondering if this had already been tried.....?
> Dave

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