NTLK HELP: dead speaker

From: W. Lichtenberger (w_l@gmx.net)
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 05:53:18 CDT

Hello dear fellow Newtoneers,

   just a week ago the speaker of my german MP2100d apparently stopped
   working. Since i rarely used it except for seldom alarms, i didn't
   notice it right away.
   At first i suspected a software defect and checked:
   - options, sound: still only to speaker, not audio out; still no sound.
   - reset: no audible starting sound
   - alarm clock's beep: nothing
   - soups check with sbm utilities doctor: nothing wrong
     (except some irregularities in 4 notes entries and one phone call,
     would have expected errors in system soup)
   - reset with brainwipe: nothing; after restored backup: still nothing

   I'm now faced with three options:
   * accepting the loss (since warranty's over; there's no flat Apple
     repair fee in Europe and the repair costs of that UK company that
     works here contracted by Apple seems prohibitive),
   * trying to open (shudder) my beloved machine and hope it's a simple
     fault like a broken wire or solder joint,
   * asking you for help.

   Since that last option won't damage anything (yet ;) and might
   actually turn up a solution, i'm choosing the last otion first:

            HELP PLEASE!

   If anyone knows of a helpful hint or similar, PLEASE TELL ME.

   If this fails, then i have to do the next best (worse?) thing:
   opening the MP. Could someone please direct me to one of these web
   pages with detailed (and fotographed) instructions to do this the
   right way (and back!)? I know they exist (have seen such), but didn't
   bookmark them & forgot them, since i thought i would never have to do
-- W. mailto:w_l@gmx.net

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