NTLK import/synch woes

From: Jonathan Bauer (jhbauer@akula.com)
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 12:49:55 CDT

Hello all:

I am having a terrible time getting data to my Newt MP2k.

My set up: MP2k, OS 2.1, using Newton Connection Utilities 1.0

Data is a tab delimited (tab and return) file exported from 4D. I am
trying to do the most simple import to the Newton built-in
applications, in this instance, the "Names" application.

I successfully open the import dialog from NCU, select type "text",
select the file, select "tab and return" from misc. options, open
"field mapping" from advanced options. However, only the firs three
fields of the tab delimited source file appear in the field mapping
dialog, and only three fields actually transfer to the Newton.

I looked at the source (tab return) file in BBEdit. It is correctly
formatted and there are no control or other characters that might
interfere present in the file.

Is there another better way to transfer? Is there a way to get NCU
working (I really hate the idea of purchasing more software)?




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