Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 23:06:40 CDT

On Mon, 22 May 2000, doppler wrote:
> does anyone know if the farallon card at
> can work with the newton
> if appropriate drivers will be written?


Will the drivers ever be written? Nope.

A couple of reasons for this. Farallon will not spend the money because
it is extraordinarily uneconomic. The number sold will be minimal and the
cost to write the driver would be quite high.

The cards that farallon uses are customized ones OEMed from a third party.
THey are not precisely the same as any other cards on the market.
Farallon has some very nice drivers for the Mac from what I hear.
Lucent's WaveLAN driver works. That is the best that can be said for it.
VEry un-maclike and very unpolished.

Farallon will not be releasing specs for their cards. Why? Because they
don't have them. Not in a clean, polished, and usable format for other
people. Chances are the guys customizing the microcontroller code for the
card were also the guys writing the driver itself. Some or even a lot of
the information needed exists only in somebody's head...

I spoke with a Farallon techie a few weeks ago on this very subject, and
was talking about the 2Mbps and the 11Mbps cards...

The good news is that there will probably be a Lucent-compatible driver
released. I haven't had time to work on it with the end of the school
semester keeping me busy. But over this summer I should have the time to
complete and debug it...


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