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From: Kenny Song (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 11:05:06 CDT

On Mon, 22 May 2000 John I. Clark wrote:

>Roberts post reminded me; I used to use (and loved!) WordNewt a bit,
>until it started freezing my MP2100 everytime I tried to look up a word
>with it. I went back to Lextionary (which is good also, just not quite
>as nice as WN), but now it does the same thing! My question is: has
>anyone else experienced this? Is there some conflict with this kind of
>program and something else I use (I've got this thing customized to the
>hilt). Or is it a heap issue?
Yes, WordNewt does freeze my Newt especially if it has been used a while after a soft reset. The only way out is the remove battery reset. But I love it and since I only use it when I'm doing writing projects, I do a soft reset and immediately launch WordNewt. No problems.

When I was using Lextionary, I never had any freeze problems. Check this out. How much storage space do you have left (Internal & External). There should be at least 10% left or you'll start having freezes occurring more often.

Kenny Song
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