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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 23:28:57 CDT

On 5/21/2000 1:07 PM, craig lawrence [] wrote:

>Why am I receiving separate messages instead of one long precise?

Because your account with NewtonTalk is set that way (or, more likely,
was RESET by the recent outage problems and the recovery steps they had
to take). Just go to Planet Newton, unsubscribe your email account from
the individual messages and resubscribe in DIGEST mode.

This issue has come up many times recently and in the past. Evidently
you missed it it or skipped over the messages answering it.

>This is
>very annoying and if someone thinks it's an improvement they should wade
>through 30 - 40 messages every time
>they open their browser. RSVP

Actually, I DO, as do many, and I prefer it that way. To each his own!

I dislike the digest form of getting NewtonTalk (and other mailing lists)
because I find getting individual messages easier to wade through and
remove messages I am not interested it (actually, I don't do that very
often, but sometimes) and to sort message threads all together by sorting
by subject. My email program is is even smart enough to recognize that
the original message and messages with the same subject plus "RE" on the
front are related and sort them together.

I have all my NewtonTalk messages filed in a special "NewtonTalk" folder
automatically, too, so they don't get interspersed with the rest of my

Things to think about...

 - Bill

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