Re: NTLK Ntlk: Print note with card

From: Walter Remson (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 07:19:06 CDT

It is possible to print cards and notes at the sametime as long as the
cards are filled in the same folder. In others words if you have your Names
App set to ALL NAMES, then you will print all the names in this App. But If
select a specific folder FIRST, then you will only print the names in that
folder. If you do not have your names set-up in this way, then just select
the names that you want to print from the overview and file them in a New
folder. Next select the folder you just created from the Folder tab (Top
Right Cornner) and next select print from the Action Envelope. Be sure to
Select "Cards and Notes" from the Format diamond.

Hope this helps
Walter Remson

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