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From: Steve Weyer (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 07:47:11 CDT

>Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:31:16 -0500
>From: Bill Davis <>
>On 5/23/2000 7:33 AM, [] wrote:
>>configuring Yahoo. My question is: is there anyway to access my aol email
>>the internet using Eudora. Tried with Nethopper and hit a dead end.
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Myron Lutzke
>AOL doesn't use Internet standard POP3 and SMTP (or IMAP) compatible mail
>servers (at the moment anyway, with no change in sight), so you're
>(probably intentionally) locked in to using the AOL software to access
>their mail, although you MAY possibly be able to access their mail via a
>web browser (not sure, and even less sure it'd work from a Newton web
>browser, although if one worked it's likely to be Newt's Cape or maybe

I don't think web access to AOL mail works from Newton
since it requires encryption (SSL: Secure Socket Layer),
which none of the Newton browsers support.

NewtDevEnv, Newt's Cape, Sloup, Crypto,...

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