Re: NTLK Final Novatel Update (Sad News)

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 10:53:05 CDT

I had to go in with PT100 (terminal emulator). I believe the command
I used to enter config mode was AT\PROG,<password>, and then you can
enter network paramters. This was all in the extended manual I
downloaded from Novatel's web site.

I recall hearing that the Sierra AirCard could not be programmed from
terminal mode, but I don't remember where I heard that or how
reliable it would be.

You'll probably want to poke around to see if you can find a complete
manual documenting the AT command set supported by the AirCard, if

Good luck,


At 11:17 AM -0400 5/24/00, Hai Ng wrote:
>Hi Jeremy,
>Read your postings regarding the Novatel CDPD Merlin, I'm wondering if
>you could share with me how you configured it to accept the NAM and other
>configuration parameters?
>I'm trying to get an AirCard 300 which is aother CDPD card but from
>Sierra Wireless. This card is built specifically for handhelds,
>unfortunately for WinCE crap but it is supposed to be considerate to
>battery consumption and even has an option for an external powerpack.
>Now, since I will not be able to use their window's program to configure
>this baby, I'm wondering if there is some AT set that will do it.
>Any help is appreciated.

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