NTLK Address Book

From: craig lawrence (craigl@istar.ca)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 11:56:25 CDT

Hello all, great to see everrybody again, hope nobody got singed by the
fire! I have a question or two for a select few of you. Here are the
facts- I have a large data base in Address Book 4.0.6 (was 3.7.2 until a
kind soul updated the late Mr. Leitch's original) I also have a large
data base in my eMate in Names (3972 total memory 1354 left <not all
Names!>, ROM version 2.1) I also have NCU 1.0 (and 2.0 which I
discovered long ago doesn't work on a newer system- go figure?), a
Flashdat 1.9 demo and another database on Appleworks 5.0.3. My question
is- even though Address Book has a Newton choice for transfer of data
and Appleworks seems to have the translators, nothing seems to be able
to be opened by the other after it is transferred. I am asked for XTND
translators (which I have) or nothing happens at all, which of course is
like a challenge to me. Anybody? Thanks in advance. craig

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