Re: NTLK Re: Mac OS9 & NCU

From: Josh Burker (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 12:50:35 CDT writes:
>When I first installed OS9 I had problems with NCU and some other
>software so I called Apple under the warranty with OS9. I actually got a
>tech familiar with Newtons (just lucky I guess) who helped me figure
>that some of the extensions needed for NCU were not there under OS9.
>Instead of trying to figure out what they were and reconstruct, I
>reinstalled NCU after an OS9 clean install, and everything works fine.
>It was the same way with some other software, and some I had to get
>updates off the web to make work. With the delay of OSX release it seems
>we won't have to worry for awhile . . . .
>Glenn Roe

>From personal experience I know that NCU will install an older version of
the AppleScript extension than that installed with OS 9. Fortunately,
there is a sign after the older AppleScript extension to aid in
identifying the older version. Use the Extensions Manager to turn off the
older version, and everything should work.

Josh Burker

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